Build Quick with the Best Quality with ICF Contractors

Compared to what we have in the past, today, contractors and customers aim to build high-quality buildings in a very timely manner. Contractors are capable of knowing if they can create a well-built building in a fast manner or if they should move to the next job for more money. At the same time, the customers are aware it is of great importance to have a build something fast as there will be lesser labor cost. This means that time is money. However, both sides also understand that in the end, the desired product has the best quality that can last for so many years. Saving is definitely important, but the quality of the structure that ICF contractors can provide makes all the difference.

Constructing Strong Buildings

Today, ICF contractors have their own way of constructing really strong buildings in a shorter period of time without having to sacrifice quality. This allows customers to save money not only during the construction process but for so many years to come. A contractor who utilizes an ICF wall system to build homes, schools, and commercial centers can move construction along at a quick pace while producing a very strong building. ICF means insulated concrete forms and this kind of construction is helping people revolutionize the construction industry.


Easy to Follow Process

An ICF wall is made in a very easy to follow process. First off, the polystyrene foam blocks will be stacked on top of one another and will be snapped into place. Next, a steel bar will be inserted to the web supports of the blocks. Third, concrete will be poured into the wall. This concrete will dry and seal itself to the polystyrene. The wall is now complete and is ready for something such as drywall on the inside and in any exterior finish. The simplicity of the wall lies in how quickly it is built while its strength comes from concrete that is reinforced by the rebar. In addition, there is no need to spend time just to put up a vapor barrier as the polystyrene serves as the barrier and insulation.

It can be expected that a customer will prefer an ICF system over any traditional method for three different reasons. For one, the speed of the construction is a great way to save money. Next, there will be lesser cost for construction waste. Although there might be some cutting that will make the blocks work for the design of the building, there will also be lesser cutting as compared to construction that makes use of standard two by four bars. Of course, as mentioned above, there is no need for sheets of vapor barrier or other materials, thus the materials will not be causing any waste.

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